Okay, testing went pretty well, which is to say, we found about a thousand bugs. That's good, right? It's funny how when you're testing your game yourself, you can get it so no bugs whatsoever turn up, but as soon as you let other people play, you find thousands. Thousands.

So I will try to fix them, then we will have to test again!
That's familiar. Did you copy my say, Zilal, when I wasn't looking? :( (Edit: Yeah, I found it. D= But... Revenge.)

Anyways, that was fun, and even if there were bugs, they didn't seem to effect the gameplay that much. I particularly liked when the entity decided that game wasn't allow to end till' the cat was dead.

Who's feeding that cat that it's in there, anyways? Heh.

Edit: My revenge! =D
Left: a wall | In front: warmth | Right: a wall
Zilal says, "Oh baby."
She seems to be right next to you.
Shoot first, ask questions later.
That's because filthy, filthy players bring in the bugs.
Good times, Ryokashi, good times. :)
This was my favorite moment:

(Radio) Snakers: "AI is too easy"
Snakers enters the lounge.
Snakers says, "Ow"
Snakers says, "The AI entity suks"