I'll just start by stating my goal. I am looking for a system, both simple and effective, that will simulate a chat as with default BYOND output, yet will grant the ability for a chat moderator to remove comments (if such comments are, say, offensive). As I haven't given a great deal of thought to this just yet, I have thought up an idea that will work if the following is possible: a means of creating new labels, and possibly a list of labels, at runtime. I could then proceed to use my own output procedure to write comments to these labels and then have them display somewhere on screen. Of course, if it is impossible to create new window elements at runtime, someone please stop me in my tracks now, and hopefully turn me to something that might work. I realize one method that will work, but it would display only in the map window, which I believe could get in the way of gameplay. It also has occurred to me that a BYOND game could already have implemented something like this, so I'm really not sure whether or not this would be new to BYOND.
its very possible to create new window elements at runtime :)
You could do it in a browser control, too.
Like SkySpark mentioned above, a browser control might be your best bet. If you used a bit of javascript, you could pull off the comment managing system really effectively.