So, uh, how might one go about closing an existing popup window? I must be dense, as I can't find it anywhere in the reference or release notes. I was hoping for something like this:
src << browse("<font size=+5>Hi!</font>", "window=hi;can_close=0")
src << "browse("", "window=hi;close=1")

or whatever. Surely I'm just missing something obvious.
src << browse(null, "window=hi")
will close it. :)
In response to Shadowdarke
Shadowdarke wrote:
src << browse(null, "window=hi")
will close it. :)

Well, diddly-darnit! If I had spelled the window name correctly, I would have discovered this in my various attempts. Hmm, and yep, there it was in the reference all along. Heh.

Thanks. ;-)