Hi, I was just wondering about how I would go about displaying a 640 x 640 pixel bitmap file at runtime. I tried using new /turf/bigbmp (src.loc), but that shrinks it down to fit into one tile.
When you use a big picture as an icon, it automatically splits it into icon states. The lower left one is 1,1 up to the upper right one, which in this case would be 10,10. You'll have to set the icon state by the x and y values of each turf. If the 10x10 area covers the entire map starting in the lower left, icon_state = "[x+1],[y+1]".. if not, you'll have to add different some values to them... but those are easy to figure out.

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Ok. Thats how Im currently doing it (Well something like that).
Well, thanks for the quick reply anyway.
im sure that its also possible to do a whole bmp by just using one of the other buttons on the map editor, instead of fill.
Yeh i just checked it out, you can use fill if you dont convert it to dmis. therefore (in my view) saving time doing the co-ordinates thingy
Maz :)
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Just FYI (I know this is old) Title screens work VERY WELL when generated inside of the client.screen variable... it's almost the same process, just ask about it.