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I'm curious how you can make it to where you can tell what objs/mobs are within a specific amount of squares from an object. I'm curious because of objs being used as 'troops' in a game I'm working on, and each of them has a range to attack. Such as, Warriors can only attack within 1 square of themsleves but Archers can attack with 2 to 3 squares. Anyway, how would you go about doing this?
I'm pretty sure that only works for the user, not the obj's view...
You could use something along the lines of oview().
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Could you elaborate, please?
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Nope! oview(),view(),range(), and orange() have two, count'em, TWO arguments... range and center, and center can be ANY atom. You don't even have to worry about the order.

If you put:




it'll figure it out.
get_dist() works nicely.
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He wants a list of objs and mobs that are within a specific range, not to check if a group of objs and mobs are within a specific range or not.