I want a code for this:

When I use my verb "Choose" to choose a monster, that it create a copy of him from the panel to the screen and that it follows you.

Also, I would need the code to delete it when I use "Remove" on the monster.

Thx alot! :P
I made it show up and follow us, but I can't figure out out to delete it. :/

Can any1 help me?
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something with

del(src)//this deletes the characters mob after they leave

for sure =D

You should try something with
alert(switch("destroy monster ?","yes","no"))
del(src)//this deletes the characters mob after they leave

atleast i guess so =D
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The comment on that line isn't relevant to this code, so you shouldn't have included it. You also forgot to indent under if("yes").

Lummox JR
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if(alert(src,"Are you sure you want to banish your monster to the void of cyberspace?","Delete Monster","Yes","No") == "Yes")
for(var/mob/monster/M in world) //You'll most likely have to change the type path for /mob/monster.
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Hm... I can't use del(src) because it will delete the one in the monsters panel, and I want to delete ton monster following me.

Page me if you want to have a visual about my game.