In the e-mail I recieved, I was given this message as to why they returned 'changes requested'.

BYOND wrote:I don't know what to do in this
game. Don't assume that just because it is a
popular game elsewhere, it automatically makes it easy to learn to play. It needs in-depth instructions.

...Which it already does. If the reviewer did not have a character, then upon creating one, a help file with detailed instructions would have popped up. Since I could not reply with an e-mail and I do not know where exactly to post this, I'll do it here, so that the reviewer(reviewee?) can see what I have to say in reply to this.

The message I tried to send back:

If you were playing the most recent version up when you reviewed this (which would be 1.5, even 1.3 would be good.) then a help file would have popped up with a detailed help file in it. This will only pop up if you have not played before and do not have a character. If you're speaking of the actual game and its rules, then there was also a link to which you could access it for whichever language you spoke which explains the rules very clearly. The help file is also accessable via the Computer in the building to the far right of the start location, which is also explained in the help file.

I'm not sure if this reviewer did not get the pop up, or if they closed out of it, but it IS there. As a matter of fact, I wrote it TO whoever was reviewing the game.