If anyone saw on the developer forum my "library" (they say it doesnt meet the requirements for a library, I say if its not showing you HOW to do something and its giving you a code to use and go from I say its a library but thats just me)

Anyway I THINK I've fixed the problem where you can go through objects. Seeing as I cant get myself to walk through them anymore. It was such a small thing I feel almost stupid for not seeing it before...

Anyway feel free to try it, and credit if used =D. Oh and tell bugs if you find them again ^_^
Cool lib, although, what does it mean when I see a, "Problem Here" come up on the chat window?
Hmm, thats where I thought the problem was... Sorry (My memory is like crappy, so I forget to remove debug messages and stuff like that) I'll take it out

There that should do it :P