Hello, I have a Godwars Mud (Multi User Domain) at, port 5000. I was wondering how I would be able to setup a server so that when players were to connect to my Byond game, it would run and use DreamSeeker as a telnet client to connect to or possibly load a telnet client to connect to that server/port.

Thank you.
They can connect directly to your mud using the BYOND client. No redirection is necessary. They just put telnet:// into the command line of DS and hit enter.
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How do I make it so that this does it for them and that it automatically connects to my mud? I want to have it on the hub so players will think it's a byond text game, which actually it's a mud. =D
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Well, as far as I can say, Byond isnt for Muds, Byond is for Byond. Why not go and register over at

If I were Dan or Tom, I wouldnt be happy if people were using the hub entires for Non-Byond related games.