Is there a way to make it so an image can be set to an area's x, y, & z at New(), and make it affect the whole area and not just the bottomleft square?
Resizing an image to the closest area cordinates? Such as, having a 400x400 image resize itself to 416x416 fit the area?
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No, with images, you know how you set the loc to them? I'm wondering how to make an image cover the whole area, just not the bottomleft.
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Like when you try to create an image ingame but it only shows the bottom left? Use copytext and stuffs for the icon_state for the location. If that's what you need, just customize the following to suit your needs. I don't exactly know if it's efficient, but it gets the job done. And if this isn't what you were looking for, I just wasted an idea for a proc library by releasing it too soon.

Edited for your use, this is a very small version of my Create_Image verb, which of coarse must have all of it's parameters set to make sure no rules are broken. I'm not quite sure if you can change the area appearance like this, but you can always convert it over to make it switch to turfs or objects, and it can be made to use set coodinates so it processes fine without it being a proc defined to a mob.

[Edit] Removed Coding, because I posted at the exact same time as Ol' Yeller, (6:22) and he was already shown a way.

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Nevermind, I got it. =p
Dragon Lord showed me a simplistic way.