what is the most american thing you have ever done? (you don't have to be american)
i once called an exgirlfriend i knew had self-esteem issues and told her to come to my house (she walked two miles)

we had sex and then she walked home

i never talked to her again

then i watched football
- Drug dealing

- Taking drugs

- Baha-blasted the T.Bell lady (through a Baha Blast at her through the window for messing up my order)

- Had sex with my friends girlfriend (no longer a friend)

- Other stuff that I should not be talking about.

America rules.

P.S. I no longer take hard drugs or drug deal.
do you consider cocaine a hard drug?

also what is a baha blast
Drank tea and ate biscuits.
you don't GET IT do you
Yes, cocaine is a hard drug. I quit that over the summer because my friend overdosed and died from it.

A Baha Blast is sort of like Mountain Dew but worse. It was my friends drink because I hate Baha Blasts.
The most american thing I've ever done?

Killed a man for being gay infront of a crowd, got praised for it, and then went home and jacked off to Wrestling Stars.

Like Triple H and John Cena.
Once I pronounced it "aloominum".
elation that's a good one
Elation, that is disgusting. Go die.
Elation, that is disgusting. Go die.
I'm kidding, I love you.
fuck you cavern are you even american
y yes
ok good
Elation wrote:
Once I pronounced it "aloominum".

I don't get it. Probably because I am American.

I once sat and did nothing. All day.
I once cared about the superbowl
The most american thing I've ever done was probably riding a bull bare back while singing the National Anthem, then afterwards ate some McDonalds while watching America's Most Wanted on a Magnavox while also sitting in a Ford truck drinking Samuel Adams.
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