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Poll: What do you see after visited links on my blog?

Check mark 41% (32)
Question mark 27% (21)
Other 31% (24)

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I setup these cool little check marks after visited links in my CSS. My computer crapped out on me a while back and I went back to the old laptop, which didn't seem to recognize them and put a question mark there instead. A little while ago something made the checks come back, but now they're gone again. It's kind of odd given that they mean the exact opposite to me. =)

I suppose I should use this opportunity to try out polls.

Hmmm, I couldn't find a check mark, and I don't know what reference system your using, but here are a few cool ones:
' \002119'
' \002123'
' \002135'
' \002201' Heh, this one looks like an ear
' \002206'
' \002218'
' \002222'
' \002020' Cross
' \002023' little arrow
' \002042' 3 spiders?

Anyway, the number is just off a bit. If you can find the site that told you what the check mark was in the first place, I'm sure you could fix it.
I double-checked (heh) and the number is right. =\
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