I've been trying for a while to no success. I've gotten pretty close but right now, I just cant be studing up file saving and expiramneting and stuff. Can someone give me the code for a title screen with 2 buttons (or 3). One button, (newgame) moves the user to somewhere else so I can do all the new character stuff. The other loads the character (with location) from his/her last save point (or logout). You may want to add a 'delete' button too so they can erase a save. If you can make multiple files (3 in this case) for each person, that would rock.

I know it's alot, but can someone please help. I'm pretty desperate. I know it can be done (mostly cause naruto games and such have some variation of it). I would think you simply get a character saving menu and make the options sperated into Click() procs for each button. It's much easier said then done though.

~Carved in Shadows
Nevermind. I solved it, I just had to sit down and try some stuff (I could do it all along, I was just lazy).

~Carved in Shadows