Heyo! I'm not sure if this is the right place for this, but it seemed better than posting it in Bug Reports or Code Problems. My problem concerns this;

I got a BYOND Membership today and am using it to host game files for some of my games. The one I've tried it with, Zoids Battle, has had some problems. I can't seem to download them (as I was testing to see if the download worked). Clicking the button just reloads the page.

The file is here;

And this is the HUB Entry;

I used BYOND's Package Files... function as suggested, and the file in the file manager has nothing checked. I had a similar problem with a file that /was/ listed, so I don't think it's that.

Any ideas on what the problem might be?
Make sure the hide box isn't checked.
If it's hidden, nobody can download it.

edit: listed files will just appear on your members page. hidden files can't be accessed.
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It isn't. The file in question has no checks checked.
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The file downloads fine for me.
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From the HUB entry, though? The issue was that it wasn't downloading, for me at least, from the game's HUB entry.
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Hmm... that is weird.
This might just be a bug of some kind.

edit: I guess it doesn't have an option for you to upload. =\

edit: When you did it, did you upload the file, and then when you made the hub entry, use the drop-down box and select the file? Or did you just supply a link?
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The hub entry has been there for about two years or so, so deleting it and remaking it isn't much of an option.

The way I did it was I uploaded the file, went to modify the hub entry, and selected the file from the drop-down list.
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This is most likely a bug of some kind then, I'd think.
Bumping this since no solution was found; if one of the higher ups could confirm either my mistake or that it's a bug, I'd be very appreciative. =)
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One more bump... Anyone, please? D: