I'm currently using (I forgot who created the library for it) a transparent output that's positioned over my map element through the coding. Is there a way to make the scrollbar disappear too? I can't even use it due to the default window being focus=true.
Not for the output element, I think. You might be able to use a label as an output if you really don't want to see the scroll bar.
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The only way I can think of of using a Label element for an output would be if the world's text was displayed one at a time.

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You'd ideally keep a running track of the output sent recently, cutting it off when it goes off the label, and adding new messages to the end. Depending on your setup, you might be able to just hide the scrollbar by having some other element overlap it.
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You could set a max lines limit for the output, but that would cut the lines above. I guess you don't need to have them, since you won't be able to scroll back up in the first place.
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How would I go about doing that? I'm not too versed in the ways of the interface.
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It's in the output options. I'll leave you to say "Duh, I'm so stupid!" and smack yourself in the forehead. :)
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Oh! Thanks! :D