Help me! I can't earn $15 dollars, its just SO HARD. I mean, all of the lawns on my yard are ALL cut! None of them need to be cut, at all! Two, my parents won't give me any money for doing nothing! I mean, what kind of crap is that? Three, all the cars in my entire city are washed. Four, I don't have 25 cents to buy some lemonade! Plus, getting water from the sink to make it and sell it is just so HARD.

I would babysit, but I would just sit around, watch TV, eat, and let the kid destroy the house.

Plus, I'm just lazy.


Yes, I am a hypocrite. Lord Raven paid for my membership when I could not. In my paycheck on Friday, I'll be taking out the 15$ to pay him back. But, on to the point. I'm sick of reading posts on the forums saying that they can do nothing to earn money. To me, this indicates laziness and the unwillingness to tear your eyes from the computer, learn proper grammar, and get a freaking job! "Oh, I'm only 13!" Guess what, kids?

I had a job at 13 at a local car dealership cleaning the shop. Sure, the pay sucked. But it only took 3 hours to earn 15$.

Quit complaining. 15 is not that hard to earn.
You do know that in a lot of places its illegal to get a job if your under 16 don't you?
Of course, its still extremely easy to make $15
It's not illegal to have a job. It's illegal to have a career.
O know!!! All of the lawns on your yard are cut?!?!?! :-P
Yep! Heh, I meant to put street, but since it is a sarcasm post, I guess it'll work!
Even if people can't get jobs, it isn't that hard to persuade parents to give you their credit card.

Why the hell would you need a credit card?

There are PLENTY of ways to pay for it.

Also, i don't think you need to be 18 for a debit card.
I have a credit card.