Okay I searched "NPC" in the resources search, and it came up with nothing of what I wanted. And the item stacking resource I used for my item stacking has a very limited way to do it. I want to make an NPC who you can sell items to. But wait! That's not it. I want it so when you hit the Sell() verb or whatever, a list will pop-up asking which item you'd like to sell from your inventory. HOWEVER, the way I had it in my head, it showed the typepaths in that list of all the items in usr.contents, and then I'd have to use the text2path() function to sell it. I want the list to display the objects' names only, yet still, when selected, will sell the item in usr.contents.
I'd imagine you can do something like:
for(var/o in usr.contents)
input("What would you like to sell?") in list(o)
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That doesn't give me a list full of typepaths? I thought it did.
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I don't believe so, no.
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Wow, thanks lol I guess o.O I thought it only displayed the typepaths x.x Guess I was wrong.