Looked this up, but as usual unless you know the exact name of what youre looking for, you dont find what you want (*grumble*).

I cant wrap my head around how you'd check a list of mobs and return mobs from that list who share the same IP address in one group. Any help would be appreciated.


for(var/mob/m in Players)
//do stuff
usr<<"Player A and Player F share the same IP! ("
usr<<"Player B and Player C share the same IP! ("

NB- I know the above code is somewhat retarded but its just to demonstrate what I want.
for(var/a = 1 to list.len)
for(var/b = a+1 to list.len)
var/mob/A = list[a]
var/mob/B = list[b]
if(A.address == B.address)
world << "[A]'s IP matches [B]'s IP"