Hello. Since long time ago I've been working with the Mobs in my Game, I've tried with a lot of combat systems. I've been downloading all the resources on Byond. I reemplaced all the login codes to a combat system by default (I've got a copy non-reemplaced lol).

The Problem is; Whenever I try to make a mob attacks me he walks over me. And I'm like "WTF"?

I can't attack it, it follows me, but everytime it reaches me it fly overs me. I really don't know what should I do. I'm sure all the things I've done on my game for now aren't enough to force a new system such as a mob following & attacking a player doesn't work even without been installed ingame.

I had before a Touch Screen Login. I thought we process while Players were making as was bugged and the Combat System needed to change things such as Player, who's the Mob they must attack, ect...

All I need is a Combat System where a player can be hit by a mob (and he can hit too) and whenever a player kills a mob the mobs gives exp. Same would happen when a player kills a player and that would be different if they're strongers / weakers...

I don't want anyone to code me that (lol I do but the thing is...); what should I do?

Time ago I had problems with the Area, I had to put a lot of Area with Density Invisible over turf so nobody could walk over walls / water (I think that was solved anyway), and Edges (exit. Dir) and all those things...

I've used SSJ4 Gohan Majin Combat System and a lot more, but no one worked ( BattleCombatSystem)

The Question Is; What can be the "Thing" that allows NPCs walk over me? I'm sure they'd attack if they couldn't fly over me, maybe every code forces them to walk over me, idk... I haven't coded "Players" in my game with density or mobs with density, I've used 100% the code cuz whenever I tried to change it it happened again (So I don't need to reemplace all I think)... So well, what to do =(

I tried the Codes and in their Games it worked, so I'm still confused..

I hope someone could help me with this problem, sorry if I had bad words or you didn't understand me (I'm from Spain xD) I'm trying to make a KH Game but now I've started with the combat I've found all those problems... Thx and bye =/
Are you sure you or anything from the resources changes the density of the mob(s)? Or maybe it's because of the AI's movement system.

My advice tho is that you shouldn't use combat resources, because if you use something someone else have done, it's harder to understand the code. To make a combat system isn't hard after reading the DM guide.

That's all I can think of, hope it helps.
In response to Enic
I've solved this bug.

It was my fault, I was sure something was stopping the Combat System from work.

Sometime ago I was looking for "Edge System", Exit.Dirs and all those things, I didn't know very well how they worked, so I had to copy from another source from a Demo.
Somehow, it forced the Combat System to don't work.

I had to delete the Exit and Enter.Dirs Process and reemplace all those Edges to density = 1

I'll try to check how to add Edges without bug the Combat System, but'd be hard. Thanks for your help Enic.