Is it possible? Is there a function for which you can take in a URL as a parameter and perhaps generate a file that contains the corresponding web page? Supposing I had saved a web page as a .htm file beforehand, I'd easily be able to do this. But here it is assumed that I have no such file in the working directory. In fact, I want to know if I can do this at runtime.

Here is an example to demonstrate possible purposefulness of this:

A user wants to know if the word "Business" can be found anywhere on Google's homepage, that is:

The first step would be to convert Google's homepage to a file.

The next step would be to search that file for "Business".
If that doesnt help, message me at or Ssj4justdale. (windowslive and AIM)I'll go into a more in-depth of what it is and help you go about it.