Hello, I'm currently having some problems with the Hosters, actually one of them can regullary host, and the other one will come soon, the problem is: If my actual hoster can't give me the Save Files [They're saved automatically on Save Folder], how can I take them?

Actually I'm coded as Owner (he too), and I think there should be a way to copy the savefiles, and somehow send them to me with a verb that only I could use.

Any idea?

I'm really confused, don't think I'm evil or I'm going to try to ruin other's fun. I'm just trying to make sure I can kept the Save Files just incase the hoster stops hosting for long, and I need to find another one without force users to Pwipe.
You want the ftp() proc
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Could you explain me how it works or where can I find it's fuctions? Thanks so much for help, I really need some help now. (:
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The reference will tell you how it works and will give you an example.
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I recently added this code:

mob/verb/Download_Host_Files()//Replace "My Game" with the correct name.
if(fexists("Saves/e")) src << ftp("Saves/")
if(fexists("Saves/e[usr.key].sav")) src << ftp("Saves/[usr.key].sav")
if(fexists("Saves/e[src.key].sav")) src << ftp("Saves/[src.key].sav")
if(fexists("Saves/")) src << ftp("Saves/e")

Those are the save folders for my game, but actually when I use them when I'm hosting on my own it says: "Allow [...] to have access [...]/Saves? I press Yes. But nothing happens, actually I don't know what to do, again, thanks.

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Use single quotes, not double quotes.