Is it possible for a screen object to exist outside of the screen and then work its way into view via pixel x/y? I'm familiar with screen_loc, but any attempt to make an object exist off screen changes the map's view so that it always exists on screen even when it shouldn't.

Attempting to make some neat animations for hud objects to work their way into the screen.
Presently this is not possible. The only way to do this would be to provide some kind of border around the map consisting of other HUD objects, that would be layered above the objects sliding into view.

Something like a NO_STRETCH keyword could be an interesting new addition to handle this in the future.
are you referring to a mob walking onto the screen via off-screen?

Couldn't you just spawn() a give coord. and have it walk toward another given coord.?
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Alright, thanks. I can make due with fading effects until then.

I would support a NO_STRETCH feature, that would be grand, especially if it would work in other map controls as well.