Hello, I know I feel as though I should just look this up but I didn't think it would hurt to ask the forum. I am looking into a attack direction verb such as attacknorth() attacksouth() Which would allow me to have my character use their active object such as gun, bow, sword in that direction. Since I would like to try a method of firing in a direction I am not facing without using the mouse like many games do.
I use get_step() to handle direction stuff.
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I don't want the character to actually face the direction I just want them to attack in the direction.
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You don't have to. get_step() just uses the direction. You don't have to face it. You just have to tell which direction you want. I'm guessing that you want to handle this using macros such as WASD. Sooooo what I suggest you do is have commands called by these macros that adjust a variable on the player itself. Then you have 1 fire procedure that will take that variable into account and then act upon it.
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Okay, I think I understand. The get_step() would be put on the projectile rather then player. Thanks Lugia, I beleive I should be able to implement this with no issues now.