You know when you open the macro menu in-game, and you go to create a new macro? Specifically: You know the FIND KEY button you press, then by combination of holding keys and ctrl/shift/alt you select a key?

Is there a way to re-create that button's funcitonality as part of your skin?
Not unless you make a macro for every single key so you know when it's pressed.
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Might end up doing that though.
Might be easier than photoshopping a keyboard and then skinning it, buttons for each key and all.

EDIT: Oh it looks like I ended up getting a reply to a similar topic that might help me.
It's not too difficult to capture those keys with javascript, although I'm not aware of any downsides in just defining each one in the skin.
As you may/may not be aware, I'm now looking to set every key as a macro for itself.
Would it be best to do it via a script file (.dms) or by using th skin's (.dmf) MACRO settings.
If the second option is the better way - do i just set the key as the command?
A=A would be Key: A, Command:A
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Script files are depreciated, and don't support all of the new features. As Forum_Account told you, set each key's command to the same verb, but pass a text argument to tell it which key it is. Just set the macro's command to KeyPress "A" or something.

Also, please just stick to the other thread. It'll get confusing otherwise.