Just going through some old email, I came across suggestions I sent to Tom when they were trying to change the name from Dung to something a little more "marketing friendly." I cringe to think how popular this would have been with the DBZ crowd if the "RAGE" suggestion had been taken...
On Sun, Oct 31, 1999 at 03:58:59AM -0800, Tom Hehre wrote:
> implore all of you to help us
> out in a quest for a more "suitable" name.

Ok, here goes...

First, the acronym variety:

(I think Engine and Environment can be equally substituted for each
other in any of these)

DENT: Dantom's Express Network Technology
Dan's Everything Network & Tom
Enterprise (go for the corporate market)

TADPOLE: Tom And Dan's Player-Object-Link Engine
Palace Or Labyrynth Environment

DIE: Dantom's Imagination Engine

DANG: Dantom's Awesome Network Game

DING: Dantom's Imagination Network Game

DONG: Dantom's Outstanding/Object Network Game

DND: Dantom's Network DUNG

DUNE: Dantom's Universal Network Environment
(hmm, too bad, huh?)

GLOBE: Graphics Linked Object Builder Engine

GNOME: Graphics Network Object Model Environment
(oh wait, that's already been taken)

GORE: Graphics/Gaming Oriented/Object Reality Engine

RAGE: Really Awesome Game Emulator/Engine/etc...

Or go with name recognition:
Quake of Doom
I still like Dung: Eons and Dragons
Sonny Paystation

Then there's the more mundane:
NetPlay 2000
Legend (simple yet powerful)
Pound For Pound (It's the best, Pound For Pound!)
Espionage (mysterious, yet tantalizing... the customer will want it)
ImagiNet (cute)

Appeal to humor:
Air Mapster wrote:
I cringe to think how popular this would have been with the DBZ crowd if the "RAGE" suggestion had been taken...

I'm just relieved they didn't choose your "DONG" suggestion. Though it would have been pretty amusing to see what logo it produced.

(Back then I was rooting for "Detour". But "BYOND" is much better.)
In response to Gughunter
Gaming-Oriented Reality Engine would have been cool, though it would probably give BYOND a different first-impression...
Air Mapster wrote:
Dan's Everything Network & Tom

Hehe. Everything, plus Tom.

I think I like BYOND best. Its only fault is the amateur connotations of the full name.

In response to Lord of Water
BYOND is probably the best anyway, because it doesn't "suggest" anything as far as what the engine could be used for. GORE would suggest anti-board game stuff, Legend would suggest fantasy stuff, etc... BYOND doesn't really suggest anything.
In response to Foomer
Foomer wrote:
BYOND doesn't really suggest anything.

Quite the contrary... "BYOND (Build Your Own Net Dream)" suggests everything and anything...

Which is perfect...
Is it just me, or does anyone else really, really, really like the DUNE name?