So I was working on a Halloween themed image for something BYOND related and I saved a high resolution version of it as PNG. The file size? 666474 bytes.

I found a code on a Crunch bar wrapper for some kind of contest (you gotta enter the code into their website to claim your probably non-existant prize). The first 3 characters were 666. Nestlie is evil.
From Snow Boarder:

1196 (ever)
<font color=orange>666</font> (version 13)

*Gasp* <stupid moment>It's also spooky that the 666 is colored orange!</stupid moment>(Eheheheh)

Holy mackrel, this is such a coincidence, the cd i keep my backups of byond on has the number 666 in it, wow. Creepy..
Strangely today, while sitting in Biology, the class was going over atoms and such. The teacher wrote how many neutrons, protons and electrons were in some of the elements, and the first one she did was carbon. 6 of each. Since she had them in a list, it read:

6 protons
6 neutrons
6 electrons

One of the girls in the class commented, "666, that's bad." and the teacher laughed a bit.
Yep, she sure did. Red horns spouted from her forehead and she grew a pointy tail. After that, she ran out of the room and we never saw her again.

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<stupid moment> that guy is not to bright, durrrr</stupid moment>
not really, thats just retarded.