Well, tonight's session of Lexiconomy got off to an interesting start... a few bug fixes later (you can read about that in my personal blog) we were up and running. It was a relatively quiet session. I'll try to schedule for a different night next time we plan something, see how that goes. Thanks to all who participated!

Definitions of clake:
1: Cake baked on a lake
2: What you call someone who's homely, yet annoying.
3: A flock of geese who keep other geese away from their pond.
4: A Solid cake that make a clanging noise when it falls. A perfect example would be Fruit cake.
5: The sound effect a retarded kid makes for "click".
6: Cake made out of Ls, or a Lake filled with Cs.
I apologize for the Strategy session going so late. (Although, we didn't get many people in the second game anyway.)
No problem! I didn't even know you guys were having a session till tonight... can't wait until we can see guild events in our pager and such.