Anyone used to use RM2K? Id say at least someone had to, otherwise the old RTP packet that you got with it wouldnt be all over BYOND (like in Mystic Journies and about half of the builder games)
I messed with it for a month or less, then i desided that it didnt work very well for all the effort it took. Ok, so it was rather simple, but it could not do enough.
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Accually it COULD do alot, you just had to find a way around what it gave you. If you worked with it, you could create battle systems and alternate windows and character select screens and all kinds of stuff.
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I used it for a while,but lost it when my system crashed. I had a nice game coming along,but it was destroyed. I've tryed looking for again,but when I try to go to the RM2K homepage,it won't let me in.=(
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I still have it, if you have AIM or MSN, i could send it to you
Wjhat's RM2K and RTP? I've heard of many internet packets like TCP/IP but never these 2.
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RM2k stands for RPG Maker 2000. It was a program that made it really easy to make an rpg kinda like FF and such. Nothing that big though.
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I still have it, as well as many DBZ icons for it (NOT RIPS) and other random icons!


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