Nice job updating the site for the NFL, congrats', it looks awesome. But I don't remember this being done before, Dan or Tom or Lummox or Deadron or anyone, are you gona' be doing this more often? Perhaps with the NHL, NBA, or maybe holdiay themes like christmas or something? Of course, then you would have to take into account religion so that probably won't happen. Either way great job it looks good.

Oh and BTW, I've seen some BYONDer's complaining about the team you chose, why not make it Byond Oriented? The helmet could easily have the word byond on it and the goal posts could stay relatively the same. Just an idea.

The Conjuror
The Conjuror, they (mainly Air Mapster, I believe), change the site for almost every major holiday.
In response to Jon88
I don't remember any changed before but I could have just missed it, never mind then. Still a good job.
In response to The Conjuror
They skipped a few holidays with the new website layout, but they were there every time with the old one, hes just having trouble getting back into the swing of things I think.
In response to Jotdaniel
Pretty much the easiest rule of thumb is as follows: if Google has a holiday image, BYOND probably will too.
In response to Spuzzum
I don't think that's necessarily accurate.... Google has images for things like the Chinese New Year and the anniversary of the Wright Brothers' flight. I wouldn't be surprised if they have images for Boxing Day, Administrative Assistants' Day, and Talk Like a Pirate Day, too.
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Hedgemistress wrote:
Talk Like a Pirate Day

Is that where everyone talks about Kazaa and warez sites?
In response to Air Mapster
Air Mapster wrote:
Is that where everyone talks about Kazaa and warez sites?

No, that is national leetch day. Everyone sits around eating nachos and drinking mountian dew in their underwear, watching reruns of Spongebob Squarepants.
I'm guessing for that day the BYOND site will just be replaced with an "Under Construction-2001" banner.