Okay, all these people raising out of no where suddenly protesting BYOND acting like BYOND owes them a pager, and spreading lies like when you subscribe to a game the money goes to BYOND, and that's how they make money, and that subscriptions are $15 a week, and spamming the pager with crap like save the pager(sort of ironic). It's pathetic, and selfish.

They say stuff like BYOND is greedy how could they charge us less than a nickel a day for all these great features? I say how can they be so nice, and only charge that much?

BYOND does not owe you BYONDhaters a thing you owe BYOND. BYOND has changed my life, and kept me out of a lot more trouble since I joined, and gave me something constructive to do.

What you people are basically saying is this:
  • I'm to lazy to download an IM service.
  • I'm a selfish little brat that thinks everything should be free for me no matter how much it cost the people providing it.

So for all of you BYONDhaters out there just leave BYOND. BYOND doesn't need your pointless protest post, your pager Spam, or your ill-support.

Those are my though of irritation.
Very good post, yes.
I believe that if theese people don't GET what were all trying to say, then they probablly do not have enough intelligence to even help BYOND in any physical way.
If it were up to me, I'd shut all of Byond down for 24 hours in response to the petition.

...then again that's why things like that aren't up to me. :D
In response to Sarm
That would TRULY make me mad, even though I just mainly surf Byond rather than play.
In response to Sarm
You said it. You have to admire Dantom. I would never have made it as far as they have dealing with this kind of thing, and we all know I have the patience and humility of a saint.

So far, their response has been great... Tom responded to a forum post, but other than that they've just been letting people vent (so far as I can see.) That's really the best solution to what is essentially a non-problem... this same thing always happens when a free internet service has to change its terms... and life goes on.

I have a hard time ignoring it because I feel very passionately about the level of gratitude I feel. :P
I'm not a member of BYOND or whatever the member thing is, but BYOND is a Service. It doesn't have to be. They could make you pay to download it and they could make you pay to look at the DM Guide. They could make you pay monthly to even be associated with BYOND and having the software. All of this is free, and if i'm correct, even publishing the games is free. These guys spent what, five years of their life making something for people to have fun with, so stop whining you cheap jerks and be thankful its even here.

In response to Popisfizzy
I hope you were saying that to me I'm behind BYOND %100 no matter what.
In response to Digital Samurai
I'm saying that to anyone who thinks that 4 or 5 cents is too much to pay.
In response to Popisfizzy
dude im sick of this im getting spammed in my pager of this


like holy crap its a pager its like where taking your life away or something like OMG pager is not free anymore THE WORLD IS OVER now I can only talk to myself :'(

on a side not I used to think there where just dbz noobs but now theres pager noobs lol
In response to Dranzer_Solo
Well, if its such a big deal with such a large number of people, why not take away soemthign else?

Like Hub Listing support or the hub access at all, maybe then, they will see the pager was no big deal.

I just got like 12 pages from my friends, all of them asking for my AIM so they can talk to me. A number of them say they cant wait for the pager to be taken away because they have been spammed all day about the pager petition.

You poor, poor idiots, this is EXACTLY one of the reasons why pager is being taken away in the first place. You dont think the memory on pager you use dosent add up? Because it does, add that to like 500 people, all pager spamming and you get ALOT of added up memory being eaten away daily.

Yeah, honestly these guys are insane. "OMG WTFF CHARGING $15 a WEEK FOR BYOND!!!!!". They make me sick, honestly. I just wish they'd stop spamming with their silly petititions.

Yes EGUY I was going to say that, too. But while we're on the subject:
EGUY stop spamming ;-).
In response to Wanabe
IMO, I wish people would stop spamming the forums with complaints about people crying out over memberships. :P :P :P
In response to EGUY
EGUY wrote:
IMO, I wish people would stop spamming the forums with complaints about people crying out over memberships. :P :P :P


So basically your position is "Everyone just shut up!"? It's a good position. I like it. =)
In response to Crispy
after the smoke clears in a day or two, we will see the true supporters of BYOND. until then, it might be better to pay no need to the majority of the complainers.
In response to digitalmouse
19 hours, 11 minutes left. muahaha

For the non-crybabies:

In response to EGUY
People should stop complaining. myself included lol, i think i am finally over it we do have chatters and msn etc. so it aint that much of a big deal.

I am still not gonna pay basically cuz i don't pay for internet games, unless i can buy it from a store :P.

besides maybe your right , Dan and tom Deserves the money after running byond for free for 5 years.

Who knows, maybe sometime in the future they will become free again, only time will tell.
In response to Shades
Muahahaha, later on today the pager will be gone; my free trial seems to have gone so fast... No more spams, no more can I be GM over the pager. Alot of problems will be eliminated(Most I luckily haven't had to deal with). I don't see wat the complaining is about, too many things out there to replace the pager. One guy even made a byond pager "game" where you can add friends and stuff. And PLZ ppl, quit sayin Byond is not free anymore. Get yer facts straight.
In response to GradeZero
You're not paying for an internet game that's kind of one of the things I'm trying to get across you're paying to help BYOND succeed, and grow. BYOND isn't an internet game it's a community, and I think anyone who want to be part of the community should help contribute to it.
In response to digitalmouse
digitalmouse wrote:
after the smoke clears in a day or two, we will see the true supporters of BYOND. until then, it might be better to pay no need to the majority of the complainers.

They'll complain as long as their attention spans hold out, or until it's their beddy-byes time- whichever comes first (I'll give it to 7pm, then).
I'm starting to understand now.

but can I give a suggestion? Well since pager will be gone how about we create this system called a marker so we can locate people? maybe that way people can stop complaining about the pager thing.
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