How do you host with it? >_>
If I can get this to work, maybe we can do a BYOND Mario Kart race or something =p
I'd so own you...

Hmm, I use to play SSB on there a while ago..
I'm not quite sure what Project64 is, but I suspect it's a Nintendo64 emulator, in which case you really shouldn't be posting about it on the forums. Mods get annoyed when you post about illegal stuff on here, for some reason </sarcasm>
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Emulators aren't illegal though! The ROMs are.
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I am all up for it :).
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That argument is similar to "The gun isn't illegal! The bullets are!"

Emulators are nothing without roms. Therefore, you intend to use roms with the emulator, so you really shouldn't be talking about it on BYOND.
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What about roms that people make, that don't replicate published games?