I deleted this ahwile ago, so okay. When I start up Fallout 2 (disc), I get all the options except install. Uninstall gives an error for missing file (which I deleted), as does Play. I can't seem to install it. Please help. =(
Luckily installers for old games like this do little more than move files so it is easy enough to install yourself.

1.) Make a folder to hold the game
2.) From the CD copy the DATA folder, sound folder, master.dat and critter.dat files into the folder you made.
3.) Go into the Program folder on the CD, then the Win folder, in that folder copy over the file Fallout2.___ to the root of the folder you made.
4.) Rename Fallout2.___ to Fallout2.exe

Then you should just be able to run Fallout2.exe and the game should start and run.
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