Well, I tried out a few games that are coming out, and wanted to know what other people thought that tried them.

Saint's Row- Very fun, think San Andreas with way better fighting controls, actual aiming not automatic aiming, and killer graphics.

Dead Rising- Kind of fun, didn't really understand it at first, but once I got the hang of it was pretty good. You are in a mall, and can literally use just about anything as a weapon, I hopped on a skateboard and ran over zombies, then beat them with a bush.

Ninety-Nine Nights- Sort of like Kingdom Under Fire, didn't go too far in it because it was too late at night to get into it, but I'm going to play it later. Kind of your typical army vs. army battles with goblins and such, and the battles are pretty fun. The guy I was had an unbelievable amount of different combos, so this doesn't get repetitive in the fighting sense, especially since you get more as you go.

So anyone played these, or thought about getting these?