WARNING: Spoilers in the following file

If you don't want the book spoiled for you, I advise you abandon the internet.
The book isn't even out until the end of this month, and all of the supposed leaks are nothing more then a bunch of fan crap made up by people with too much time on their hands.

So how did this information get leaked, or is it easy to say it is possible this is also nonsense?
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I thought someone said Hermione dies?
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I still say its fake.
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Look at this link, and tell me how it could be faked. <-- massive spoilers, obviously.
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Don't you remember past HP spoilers? They were available several weeks before the book's public release.

I don't know if THESE spoilers are legit, but they could be IMO.

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Link is dead for me

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It was taken down. I could upload a mirror I made of it recently.
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Thanks man :)

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Better spoiler list.
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so Ron dies...and suddenly is alive in the Epilogue..


Well today on the radio Paul Harvey made a comment that the Author of the last Harry Potter books urged all of the people who got a book early not to divulge any spoilers of the book.

That being said it is most certinally possible that any spoilers you read could be true, but honestly, if I was her, I would only trust my closest friends with the books, people I know who would leak any info.
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I heard one story about a mirror being hosted on a website too and that was hacked, but I didn't really believe it, nor did I look it up. But, it's possible a couple got grabbed while they were manufacturing them. I don't really think too much can be done about that, though. (Same thing most likely happens with albums, if they don't get it through a leak, someone gets it once they start manufacturing them)

edit: Turns out people have even got the books shipped to them week(s?) early
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It's real, unless there is an awesome fan-fiction writer who printed out a legit looking copy of the book. Then had the publisher get a subpoena for Gaia Interactive Inc to find out the details of where the leak started (Hint: Not there)

If it turns out it's fake, I want to find the author of it and give them money. I'm up to chapter 10 and have loved every bit so far. It's real, something fake wouldn't get this sort of attention from the publisher. Of course they are going to play it down. They spent a bunch on security for the book, they'd look stupid if it was leaked.