Well, while we're basically on the topic of site overview, I kind of miss the button that you can click to view the games in the order of BYOND ranking. Honestly, I'm none too fond of the guild system. For one thing, not all games fit into specific guilds. Honestly, part of the benifit of the old (pre-Guild) system of game finding was it's randomness. I could just look on a list and try to find a game that looks good, not decide what kind of game I want to play before I look. What kind of game do I want to play? A GOOD one.

Obviously a guild called BYOND Good wouldnt' work out that well, since, well, Good is an opinion. The BYOND ranking list has never been 100% perfect, but it was still nice, and it's great for new people. (Honestly, BYOND constantly seems to be trying to dumb things down for new people, and this would actually be a decent way to do it, as opposed to the stuff that screws over the old players like the front page [])

Heck, I'd just like to see some option that shows alot of live games or shows games not sorted by guild. I heard that the Unpublished games list wasn't working, but I'd like to see some option like the old formatting of the site, as game browsing goes.
Perhaps a BYOND.Misc channel for games that do not belong to a specific genre, or better explainations of what the different genres are and what games belong to them would help.

If I make a space game in which you are in a spaceship in space and can only manouvre using a sophisticated system of coordinates, can upgrade your ship, mine asteroids, conquer planets and destroy the ships of other players, what would this fit in?
Since the game saves your entire progress and you can upgrade your ship, I'd go for BYOND RPG. But since it's primarily based on action, BYOND Action also comes to mind. And what about BYOND Strategy, since you have to strategically plan your attacks before you do them because of the coordinate system?

Perhaps submission to multiple official guilds should be possible, and they each list the game. Then it becomes a combination of multiple genres.

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That would seem more like an Adventure/Action (blowing stuff up constitutes gameplay) game with RPG elements (but now you get to decide what order to put your bullets in, all sophisticated like). >.> So what would that do for Counter Strike?