1. ATI Radeon
2. PNY
3. Pinnacle
4. XFX

I'm leaning towards XFX. I need a graphics card that could possibly fit into a PCI slot in a Dell Dimension 4600C. Not a lot of room in one of those machines, but I still need a graphics card.

Nevermind, None of them are compatible.
taken from dells support site
( specs.htm#1106658)

Supports card type (AGP Accelerated Graphics Port)

it might be a bit hard to find a card thats not to big space wise.

novatech AGP card range
( a501x1y0z1p0s0n0m0)

has some cards but AGP is massivly out of date now and some onboard gfx's are past what AGP could offer without loads of cash.

it might just be easyer to replace the motherboard with an updated version and move onto pci-e (thou if you keep the case size might still be an issue).

I've used Pinnacle, And i recommend it. Pinnacle is simple and it has great detail. Except for the fact that the clips have to be 10+ seconds long or it will get an error.
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I found this card at Novatech...

Its cheaper counterpart is out of stock online and I'm not exactly living in Europe >_> (I'm in the USA). So how much would the shipping cost be from Europe? Add that onto its 63.25 Euro cost (about $94.86). Plus, I don't think it's low profile like I need my graphics card to be. It looks like a wonderful card for my computer. Almost perfect.

My next concern is would it be able to run well with a 160W PSU?

And then there's this one... item-details.asp?EdpNo=4252471&csid=ITD&body=REVIEWS#tabs

Dunno if it's low profile either. Or if it can deal with only a 160W PSU. Doesn't look like it just by looking at it. Humongous fan...
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the card u linked is a fullsize card. your going to be hard pressed to find one at all, as most cards where made for full sized cases (as thats what most people have).

if you dont have anything in the PCI slots you could allways change the case to a fullsize one (thou it will cost a bit more) and then get the gfx card.

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I've already ordered an ASUS AGP 4x/8x 256MB (or was it 512MB?) video card. I'm hoping my PSU can handle it lol. If not I'll just have to deal without the card until I get a higher wattage PSU. I saw real small ones at 400W for like $30.