Does any one know a free C++ compiler? I've been searching for 2 hours now! :(
Look for Dev C++ thats a good one
Visual C++ Express Edition, it's made by Microsoft.
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Does any one know a free C++ compiler? I've been searching for 2 hours now! :(

I thought your key was Child Pornography for a second. Phew!

There are a couple of nice compilers. You can get Microsoft's Express compilers for free from their site. It produces highly optimized binaries and it is very stable for Windows systems.

Another good one (one I like quite a bit) is called MinGW. It's a free, open source development for Windows. I find it to be pretty efficient and extensive.

I believe the old Borland compiler is free now, and CygWin is a pretty good choice if you need Linux emulation on Windows, but Cygwin is otherwise slow if you don't.

IDEs (Integrated Development Environments) I like include the following (in order of preference):

Microsoft Visual Studio Express

Try 'em out, see which works out for you. Code::Blocks is pretty lightweight, but powerful and beautiful nonetheless. Visual Studio is by no means lightweight, but it is a great platform for professional development in that it provides you with a ton of advanced and professional tools to make programming fast, convenient, and safe (please helpz! carpal tunnelz!!).

DevC++ is a very easy-to-use program, very suitable for private development and fun little projects.

Eclipse is lightweight with it's original package, but when you add plugins and the like to extend functionality (and you have to), it really slows a bit.
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I decided to start learning today, since lots of people tell me if you know a little bit about C++ you can understand DM slightly better
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I think you should do it the other way around, DM is so much easier than C++ it isn't funny.
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So you're going to suggest a piece of [expletive deleted] like that?

DevC++ is outdated and chock full of bugs. Get something like Codeblocks+MinGW or MSVC++. They are both much much better than DevC++.

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If the plan is to learn C++ from some book or tutorial, its best (if not required) that you get the same compiler that they're using in said book/tutorial. Otherwise you may end up running into major discrepancies; in some cases it might even lead to a section of instructions that aren't followable, or provide nonfunctional/inaccurate results in a different compiler.
gcc is probably the best free C++ compiler, and it's available for all platforms. However, the Windows-compatible version is called MinGW. As noted above, there's an IDE called Code::Blocks that automatically installs MinGW when you use it on Windows. I suggest that.
Others have already mentioned this blatant fact: DM is infinitely easier to learn than C++. Go to this link, and start out with ZBT (Zilal's Beginner Tutorial) for Action/RPG. You will be making games in no time. DreamMakers?command=view_post&post=46230