Like the topic says, I think the BYOND should do a wipe for keys that have not been used for 2+ years...What do you guys think?
I second that xD, but would they do it? Probably not.
I would hope not.
I've had times in my life when I did not feel like, or had the chance to come join the community.
I would have felt bad to be welcomed with a deleted key, even more when they aren't wasting that much resources.
No, they already stated that they don't delete keys, as it opens up the possibility to impersonate someone. Were this done, it's possible that Dan's key could be deleted, for anyone to snatch up.
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If BYOND announces that they did an unused key wipe, then everyone should know to take the necessary precautions when talking with those who haven't been on for 2+ years who just suddenly reappeared. >_>

If you, Jeff, don't log on for 2 years and they run a key wipe, then someone recreates your key, I wouldn't think that it's you until I had some firm proof o.O
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Most people aren't that clever. Besides, it's the BYOND staff's reason for doing it, and I doubt they will change it anytime soon.
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True ^-^
Yep, because none of our members have taken 2+ year hiatuses to come back and be productive. Dantom cofounder Dan hasn't posted on the forums since 2003; he probably doesn't need his key anymore if he hasn't used it in 6 years, yeah? Besides, if he decided to re-emerge, we could always welcome him as Dan1337_II.
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Just because he hasn't posted on the forums, doesn't mean he's inactive, aye? o.O
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If Dan is part of the BYOND staff, they obviously wont delete his key...
Unless it's been inactive for two years or more (which I'm sure it has!) and they wiped all keys two years or older. He used to be a part of the staff, but he quit three years ago, and I don't think he was very active for a few years before actually quitting the team. Either way, Dan is just an example. Any old reputable BYOND user could be impersonated if unused keys were deleted. It's why the staff will not delete keys any more, and I think they've only ever deleted one because of the situation.
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I don't think that's what stopping them from purging keys at all, they probably decided not to regardless. If you really wanted you could always purge keys and still prevent impersonation by tracking the keynames and not allowing to register with one that was used.
How about instead, they wipe out hubs that haven't even been touched?
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This, I totally agree with. Any games that haven't been hosted for the past (6 months? 1 year? 2 years?) be taken down, including any resources that have failed unzips and whatnot.
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It's already been stated that this would take way too much resources on the server's part and would be a waste.
Only read your post so far, so i don't know what others thing, but i think this is a HORRIBLE idea, as i am "The jobe" and wish to always remain "The jobe". This would be hard for me as i dissappear for 2+ years quite often, and everyone want to be The jobe!
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Just wondering.. what the hell would be the point of that!? Evil evil byonder. What is the point of deleting keys, then not letting anyone use that key? whats the point of deleting keys in the first place really??
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Why do you second that king killer? No one has posted a REASON to delete our keys. I'd like to know King, why.. WHY DAMN YOU WHY!?!?
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Conceited much?
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"Prevent impersonation by tracking the keynames and not allowing to register with one that was used."

Then wtf would be the point of clearing them? Just to taunt the person who used to have the key by saying "HAH! You can't use this anymore because you were inactive!"
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