========== CREATING A BASIC WORLD ==========
================ PART 1 ================

1 : Opening Byond
2 : Environment Creation
3 : Preparing
4 : Designing

Hi there and welcome to Byond. This tutorial will teach you how to create your very first world which is a lot easier than it sounds so don't worry. I'll assume you've already installed Byond onto your machine. Right, let's get started!

==== Opening Byond ====

The easiest way to open Byond is by clicking on your start bar and typing "Byond" into the search bar. "Byond.exe" should be come up as a result. If not go to the directory where you installed Byond.

Once in the main screen feel free to log in although this isn't required. Just click on the "File" button in the top left and then click on "Start Dream Maker" or alternatively press Crtl + M.

==== Environment Creation ====

Alright now before we do anything we need to create an environment. To do this click "File" in the top left and corner and then "New Environment".

Next you need to choose a directory for the environment, making a new folder if necessary and naming the environment. For simplicities sake I'll call mine My World. Call yours what you wish but when I refer to "My World" you need to remember what it means.

It will then prompt you to create a file. For starters create a code file named "Player".

==== Preparing ====

Just before we get into the really fun bits we need a few other files that are going to be helpful later on. To create new files again go to "File" in the top left hand corner and click "New".

Now using the menu again create these files :

Code Files : | Tiles | World |
Icon Files : | Icons |
Map Files : | Map |

|MAP SIZE = X : 10 Y : 10 Z : 1|

Your side bar should now look like this :

==== Designing Your World ====

Now that you have this done we need to choose how your world is going to look. A very basic design is to have grass, water and a character for you to play as. So lets make some sprites!

Double click on your file named "Icons.dmi", this is where all your sprite will be stored. You can use multiple icon files but we'll cover that later. For now lets continue.

Alright, you're in your icon file so click on the Palate icon :

Now you can make your sprite using Byond's inbuilt painter. You use it just the same as Microsoft Paint if you're familiar with that but just encase you're not let me go over how to use it. Here is the display you'll see :

So on the right is the Palate, this is where you choose the color you want just by clicking it.

Underneath that in the box is the colors you're currently using so you can always go back to them when you need to.

In the middle is the drawing space, that's where your master piece will form. Only kidding, you don't need to worry about how tidy it is.

Next on the left is your toolbar. This is what you will use to draw with. Try them all out, just click and drag on the drawing space to see what they all do. Most of their names become self explanatory very quickly.

#Moving On#

Now you know how to use the painter you can create your character. As you can see above, I chose a stick figure for mine but it really doesn't matter what it is at the moment. When you're done press "Back" in the lower right hand corner.

Now you should see your icon but it doesn't have a name, well let's give it one. I'm going to call mine "Player". To do this click just a little bit under where the icon is so it goes a blue shade and then again so a text box appears. Like this :

--The alternative is to double click the icon itself.--

#Next Tiles#

Now using the "Flood" tool make two more tiles of the colors Green |Grass| and Blue |Water|, like so :

Now you should have :

Congratulations For Completing Part 1!

You're almost there.