Well, after going back to work after a 5 month hiatus on November 15th, 2010 from Worker's Compensation. I was welcomed back with anguish and animosity by my boss who treated me like crap and drastically reduced the type of work I recieved which in turn reduced my pay check significantly. But, looks like it's all starting to look up for me finally! I recently landed me a new job at another large auto dealer in FT. Lauderdale, FL that'll be paying me about 3-4x more than I'm making now! I'm very excited and can't wait until Saturday - which is my moving day!
Welp, officially been here for over a month now and am loving every bit of it. The new job is everything that was promised and more. I guess now I can safely say that things have calmed down and I've settled in so to speak and am ready to resume BYOND again. Less anguish about money issues makes it a whole lot easier to develop and all that jazz.