If you pronounce BYOND as a word how do you say it?
I say it as BeYOND
It is pronounced Beyond, however I call it By - Ond myself, even though I know it's wrong, I just don't see how it can Beyond. (And if anyone asks what site should I go to for games, if you say they would type in I pause on By-Ond when I say it, and the person found it alright.)
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I also do this, knowing it's not the 'official' way of saying it.
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I use By-Ond as well. It makes more sense, and like you said, people who hear beyond will type beyond.
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I pronounce it B-yond myself.
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I pronounce it "beyond", and clarify the spelling when needed.
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Well I say By-Ond byself because if I say "beyond dot com" people won't ask me, "hey, how do you spell beyond?", instead they will end up here least they might get a job out of it.
It is pronounced bee-ond, but out loud a majority of people disregard the silent e. However, if confused on why the proper pronunciation makes sense - it's a play on the word. Pronounced By-Ond, this sounds very random and uncommon - however, bee-ond is something familiar, and it relates to the intended goal (Build Your Own Net Dream).
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Though Caution to my understanding is absolutely correct I sometimes find myself saying "bi-ond" in a way due to the one who introduced me when I created my first key said it this way, and to this day still does.
I've been here for maybe seven years, and I haven't once used the word in a sentence. lol.
It's quite obviously pronounced /bi:Ond/, homophonously with the word beyond, as it's used as a pun as such in a few different places.
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Haha Toadfish. My friend got me into Byond and the first thing he said was that he didn't know how to pronounce it when I asked him how he was making games.
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I think our pronunciation of the word will have no effect on our games what so ever. I mean as we play online games, i'm sure you can think of many many many places, or objects, or people within the game that we have no idea how to pronounce it out loud to another person O.o

But still manage to butcher the word in our minds when reading to ourselves :P
I don't believe this 100% answers the question but here's strong proof it's still pronounced like Beyond.|en|Byond
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How a computer interprets it means literally nothing at all. So, despite it being pronounced [bi:Ond], this is absolutely no evidence in any way.
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This is it's technical pronunciation. You would have to ask the creators of Byond for it's official pronunciation. If I'm not given a way to pronounce it officially then I think it's technical method is best but anything could go really. I could say it's pronounced hvhfjf and there's no evidence in anyway that it's not correct.
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Kyle_ZX wrote:
This is it's technical pronunciation.

This is not actually a thing.
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Please explain? I don't get it.
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'Technical pronunciation' is not a thing. It is simply programmed to interpret a string of characters as input and decide on a plausible string of phones as output. It has no ability to logic or reason, and thus a computer's interpretation is not reasonable evidence for or against anything.
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A program like that isn't all nonsense though. There is logic and reasoning behind the programming which comes from the human programmers. What you just said would mean that there is no reasonable evidence that the message I'm writing will get to you because the Byond website has no logic or reason.

I wouldn't go so far as to say the translator offers substantive evidence but of all the methods of guessing, I would say it has a higher chance of being correct. I definitely understand where you're coming from, the translator isn't all knowing and shouldn't be used like it is but I didn't know I was using it like that.

"I don't believe this 100% answers the question but here's strong proof it's still pronounced like Beyond."
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