Does anyone have an extra IBM 3.2GB Hard Drive model# DYKA-23240
I need one to get my code for UPC Code Attack
so if you have one can you send it to me
I can give you GM/unique items/subscriptions in any/all of my games as soon as i finish them & maybe later a BYOND membership for it
you can email me at prftxt(at)hotmail(dot)com
Thank you for looking Prf X
Looking at images of the drive online, I'm seeing several different UPCs:


Any reason you need to know the exact UPC? Are you manually adding these codes to your game? I would suggest randomly generating the stats based on the UPC, instead of expecting your players to have an item in their house that actually matches one you've programmed.
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I don't need the UPC, I need the hard drive to get the coding of UPC Code Attack
a few of the pins came off and I can't access the data(UCA coding) on it

as for the game play you enter UPCs to get mobs & objs
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Oh, haha. I completely misunderstood what you meant. Good luck recovering your data :)