I've had a number of people express interest in the Two-Button Challenge, including several definite projects and a number of questions about the deadline (midnight tonight) and submitting. However, with the deadline just under twelve hours away I still don't have any entries in my inbox.

So, here's the deal: I'm pushing the deadline back by one week, to the end of March 7th. To be more precise, I am going to be taking submissions for exactly another 180 hours from the posting of this announcement (which makes the official deadline about 10:14 BST on March 7th).

If there is enough interest I may up that to two weeks, but I don't want to start a procrastination-fest here (and besides, 348 hours isn't nearly as round a number as 180); I would highly recommend anyone interested in the contest to submit before the extended deadline, so if there's a problem it can be corrected before the contest closes.
Good to hear!

ATP Development has a little bit more up our sleeves than what one might expect for two-buttons!
Whew. I was going frantic trying to finish up this game when I came here to check the deadline.

Thank you. XD
Splendid! The deadline is also my birthday. I have one last chance to be able to say I accomplished something this year!
Awesome! And here I was fretting about finishing my entry in a few hours :)

And just to make sure I work on it earlier this time:
"I, the owner of the key DarkCampainger, hereby PROMISE to enter something by the extended deadline unless prevented by doing so by an act of God(s) (Includes the destruction of computer by unexpected natural means or the incapacitation of myself or my internet connection)!"

Hah, I'd like to see me weasel myself out of that one :p

Oh crap >=(

I wish I'd knew about this earlier!
Can we submit more than one entry?
Sure, with the caveat that you can't win more than one prize (although it's unclear whether there will actually be enough entries to make the previously announced prize scheme doable).
Is that 10:14 BST AM or PM? Or is it 24-hour time? :s
Oh shoot, DarkCampaigner brings up a good point. I was assuming it was PM, and that I'd have time to work on it after school tomorrow! Which is it? :[
On the assumption of a March 7 10:14 AM BST deadline, ATP Development has just submitted three entries. Good luck to all! :]
The check's in the mail! Well, my game is, anyway. If you don't get something from me in a timely manner, please let me know c/o gtellgtell via (Email address written out in annoying format to deter spambots.)

Phew, done and submitted :)

Good luck to everyone who entered!

Incase my E-mail doesn't make it or something:
Hub, Files.
The post said 180 hours from posting; check the timestamp. That's 10:14 PM BST.

Ah, gotcha.

Well, I think we had everything finished up anyway. Just curious, did you get my e-mail? I would just post a link to the files here, but I'd like to keep the source closed, at least for now.

Just mailed out the updates.
Check your e-mail! :)

Also, when are the winners going to be announced ?
Results will be announced by next weekend at the latest.
Can you tell us who entered so we know if you got our emails?
It's teh weekend alredy. Where is my cooooooookieeeee ? <:(
I specifically said the results would be posted by next weekend, not teh weekend.

I have entries from Gughunter, Dark Campaigner, SSJ Crono, and Airjoe's ATP stuff (multiple entries).
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