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There isn't really anything wrong with the current game page, but almost all online gaming sites have a similar generic layout when displaying games.First of all, everything is categorized into categories not tags.The tag system BYOND uses seems to be a lazy attempt at making categories imo. There are sites that have managed with both.I have also went through various gaming sites to check out there layout.

Kongregate has a layout which promotes new games and ranks other games in various ways. We should do this.

Armor Games has a little tab on the side(Site News) which displays news about the community(As a whole). I think that would be pretty useful.

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Game Maker seems to be doing everything nicely.

Now I'm not saying to do a whole entire remodeling, but getting ideas from various gaming sites to make the BYOND Community more appealing is indeed a +9000. Currently the front game page looks like a vague list of games with different tags.