Applies to:Dream Maker
Status: Redundant

This feature has already been implemented, or is already achievable with existing methods.
I know Isometric is not commonly used, however I decided being that it's not used too much that I should probably use it for an original game I'm making.

Anyways, I was talking to Bravo1 who had mentioned he had previously made an isometric game, and I said to him in my game that before I added a better movement system, jumping, etc, that it had zoomed in more and had a full view. Then after adding them, isometric cropped my view to a very wide and short rectangle in which I could not see as good, and I could not modify this using world/view and client/view. There is no usr.client.view or anything like that mentioned anywhere else on the code.

At this point, he said that he remembers a pain in isometric that he had where it crops to a rectangle. I asked naturally how to change it and he said there's no way.

Now this leads to here. What I am requesting is basically a new built-in variable that can modify the view better than world/view when dealing with isometric games, or possibly changing the current world/view built-in variable whenever the map is set to ISOMETRIC_MAP.

I was thinking a name would possibly be iso_view or angled_view. Being that I have not passed High School and I'm a sophomore this year, I am not as advanced in math as most of you people here are, but I have learned some basic trigonometry this year in geometry so far.

What do you guys think? Is it a good idea? Is it a bad idea? If it's a bad idea, what can be changed to improve it?
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It may just be my game, but it works for the login, but when I actually go to the fighting scene of the game, it resizes again and cuts off part of it. It has a huge black area.

I'm going to try to modify it again during the proc of locate()

Edit: LOL I just found out why it was doing that. Its because of my HUDs! XD I'm still a beginner.
Tom resolved issue (Redundant)