Applies to:BYOND Pager
Status: Redundant

This feature has already been implemented, or is already achievable with existing methods.
Pager should have a check-box to launch it with windows, and a check-box to launch it minimized to the task-bar.

* Steam provides an excellent example for game distribution mediums.
Falacy wrote:
Pager should have a check-box to launch it with windows, and a check-box to launch it minimized to the task-bar.

To make BYOND open on Win login:
Step 1: Open Control Panel/Scheduled Tasks/Add Scheduled Task
Step 2: Click "Next >"
Step 3: Select BYOND from list of programs or Click "Browse..." & find and select BYOND
Step 4: Click "Next >"
Step 5: Select "When I log on" & click "Next >"
Step 6: Enter user name & password
Step 7: Click "Next >" & click "Finish"

As for "launch it minimized to the task-bar." YES PLEASE!!!
Or you could just add it to the Startup folder... However, there is no reason for it not to be a default option in the software itself, considering the point of the pager is to be kept running at all times.
Want do you mean "Startup folder"?
Well the startup folder if you type it in on windows vista/7 in the start menu will find it for you, things in this folder, can be shortcuts, or .exe's themselves are items which will be started up for you when windows starts, a shortcut is powerful for what you want to do, just place a shortcut of BYOND there....

Right click the shortcut in the startup folder & go to properties & it also has an option to start minimized(in this case basically it minimizes it milli-seconds after it starts) there-for calling the normal minimize code which makes it show only on the task-bar...

There you starts minimized(task-bar only) when you start windows...

---I have had mixed results depending on what I used, I don't remember which methods had what flaws but some methods include registry, startup folder & task scheduler...

Some of the flaws were things not liking to start when you switched users or logged off that user & back on...pretty minor flaws really but I think the startup folder worked best, easiest, fastest....

EDIT:I actually tested it, on startup & log off/on is working fully but the latest version un-like before it's not following the minimize/maximize state that the shortcut has been set comes up like normal at the normal size...

It could possibly be the code that restores/sets size & position when remembering the window position that is probably throwing it off.....
Ter13 resolved issue (Redundant)

Startup scripts allow this.