Take a role supporting the community! BYOND Casual is ready to bring on another staff member or two. The most important thing is enjoying the kind of games the guild showcases. If your writing also happens to be presentable and you have a good relationship with the community, you might make a good guildmaster.

Your job will be to help build the BYOND community by hosting guild events, reviewing games and finding interesting discussion topics for the forum. Work when you feel like it, as long as you're able to contribute on a regular basis. You'll have a direct role in shaping the BYOND community by attracting the best new players and developers.

Stop by the forum, leave a comment or contact me (Zilal) on the pager.
I would be interested, though I am afraid the community mostly hates me.
What if I'm too casual to...hey, is that a brownie?
I'd love to help out... But unfortunately, mostly the anime community hates me. Otherwise, I can be available on a regular basis, and help host guild events. I have access to shell servers I can provide for free if ever needed. (If necessary, you can find me on MSN: