Poll: Which day is best for you when it comes to BYOND events?

Sunday afternoon 6% (12)
Sunday evening 5% (11)
Monday 2% (5)
Tuesday 2% (4)
Wednesday 0% (1)
Thursday 2% (4)
Friday 17% (33)
Saturday afternoon 41% (79)
Saturday evening 21% (40)

The polls are now closed.

Events are important to publicize games, attract new BYOND members, and allow us to get to know each other. I'd like to see BYOND Casual events all over the calendar some day; which day of the week is best for you?
I think its fair to say that friday-sunday tends to be the best days for everyone, in a broad sense. Most people in the world are at work less during the weekend, no school for most people on sat and sun, people don't have to sleep as early, as well as the time differences.
I have a life and do things on Friday.
and don't forget the growing handful of those of us in Europe. we are atleast 5-6 hours ahead.
It would be interesting to see how many BYONDers live in which countries (and were what ages, how many were female, etc).

I technically have all of Saturday free, but since it's my only day off I tend to want to do other things!