I'm running Windows 7 of some sort or another and I can't get the game NEStalgia to work right. It'll open in the client, but every time the screen needs to be updated (for instance, any time I click anything), the screen goes black until either an animated sprite moves or I hit the F3 button to change the screen orientation. In a battle, the screen flashes black any time an action is taken, sometimes requiring F3 to fix and sometimes not. I have uninstalled and reinstalled multiple times.

I don't know if there's another game I can try to see if it's the actual game server or if it's BYOND, either.
Hello and welcome to BYOND Harudoku.

I think that clearing your BYOND cache will help you will this problem.

To clear you BYOND cache:

1) Exit out of any Dream Seekers (The client you play the game in.) that you have opened up.

2) Open your BYOND pager.

3) Go to File > preferences (Or press Ctrl + P).

4) Go to the Games tab.

5) Click the Clear Cache button.

6) Press OK.

7) Press OK.

8) Try to join NEStalgia again and you'll have to wait for resources to re-download.

Hope this helps.
That did nothing. For some additional information, the updating problem was partially fixed by putting it into 256 colors mode, but that also screwed horribly with the colors of the program itself and everything else. Other compatibility modes did nothing.
Changing your color settings partially fixed the problem? Can you try disableing hardware rending mode?

To disable Hardware Rending Mode:

1) Exit out of Dream Seeker.

2) Open your BYOND pager.

3) Press Ctrl + P.

4) Click the Games tab.

5) Uncheck the box next to use graphics hardware for displaying maps.

If this doesn't help, could you post some screen shots showing what you are seeing?
That one actually worked, but my god, this is slow. I think it's trying to use my integrated graphics card instead of the very slightly better NVIDIA card that came with it. Good thing I don't know how to fix that. Oh well. Thanks for your help.
Hey, glad to hear it worked :)

What disabling hardware rendering mode does, is it makes BYOND use software rendering instead, which does make it seem slightly slower. Hardware rendering mode is very picky and the results it gives you is really dependent on what kind of hardware your computer has.

I'm not sure if I can help you anymore from here, but if you want to try again with Hardware rendering, try upgrading to the latest version of Direct X. That might help improve the condition.
It helped slightly, I think, and some of it might just be the lag I am experiencing from using a glorified 4G connection to run this thing. Thanks for all your help.
I don't think software rendering should slow down NEStalgia, since that only runs at 20FPS (IIRC).
Harudoku, your computer will not bother using the onboard video of your motherboard unless you plug your monitor into the output of the motherboard instead of the video card itself.

Higoten, when you disable hardware rendering mode, BYOND uses OpenGL to render the graphics instead of DirectX. Just as a heads up for future reference.

Harudoku, I recommend you update your video card drivers by visiting NVIDIA's website. Either that or run windows update and let windows grab what they can find for a driver for your card. The NVIDIA website will be your best bet however. As well, update your DirectX like Higoten suggested.