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One of the oddest games on BYOND is getting its re-release. It's a unique horror game (and unlike Lex and GTP, you can play it single-player). You can now find it in my games listing. Thanks to all who helped with the testing tonight! I think I got all the bugs, but let me know if you find some more. Some amusing comments...

Akiyo says, "Lmao. Right as Zilal says turn it up. I turn it up. Guess what I hear?"
Jetman123 says, "Huh... hah... huh... hah..."

(Radio) Akiyo: "Ah damn, no bullets."
(Radio) Kashino: "STOP FEELING ME"
(Lounge) Jetman123 says, "He's doomed"
(Radio) Kashino: "oh my god"
(Lounge) Fujira says, "incoming!"
(Lounge) Halo Elite X says, "This is so funny!"
(Lounge) Halo Elite X says, "I wish this was real."
[That's a scary thought!]

Jeffrey S says, "this is the scariest game on byond, guys."
"You open a door, you hear heavy breathing. Makes you a little trigger happy."
"Or ask to join in."